Sunshine. Flowers blooming. Longer days. Warmer weather. Chunky baby legs and bare feet. Fall gets a lot of attention for family photographs, but spring is a great time for a session too! With all the greenery and blooms, here are few tips for styling outdoor spring sessions!

  • Pick a dress.

I always recommend dresses for moms because I find they are so flattering on any body type. I love long, flowy dresses because it photographs beautifully, especially if you are expecting a little one. I aim to capture more candid photographs, and midi/maxi dresses will provide a little movement to your images while playing with your children during a session.

  • Select your outfit first.

I recommend selecting your outfit first because it allows you to select something that you love, flatters your body type, and compliments your skin tones. I find that if you feel beautiful and confident, you are going to love of your photographs. Once your outfit is selected, I recommend selecting what your husband and children will wear next.

  • Neutrals are always a favorite.

My husband would laugh if he read that sentence because he knows how much I love neutrals - and I do! Neutrals are a great contrast against any greenery/blooming background. They add a certain softness to any image. For springtime, I love soft whites, creams, soft blues, and pastels with a either a solid color or if you love a print - a dainty, small floral print.

  • Keep it simple and complimentary.

For the rest of the family, I recommend keeping it simple. I love khakis paired with either a neutral shirt or a soft blue for the boys/men in your life. A button down shirt with rolled sleeves or a Henley type of shirt are a great choice for boys/men. For girls, you can follow the same style suggestions as above. With babies, I recommend outfits that "fit" and aren't too loose in nature so that you can really see baby's features.

Regarding patterns, I recommend only one pattern per family. So, if mom is wearing a patterned dress, I recommend the other family members in solids. If you are looking to add a little variety to your solids, try adding in a linen outfit for your children. It will provide a little texture to a solid and photograph beautifully. Lastly, I recommend outfits that coordinate together versus "matchy matchy". Lay all the outfits out on your bed and see how everything looks together.

As always with any booked session, I send out a detailed Style Guide to help you make the best selections for your session! Have any questions, leave them below - I'd love to help!